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Pedal Commander vs Roar Pedal

Emre Buğra Çetin
September 21, 2022

 There are a lot of throttle response controllers on the market. These devices come in different price points, and choosing one over the other can be challenging, as throttle controllers all seem to do the same thing. However, that’s not true. Also, there are other factors at play, such as the material quality, after-sales support, and more. As Pedal Commander, we believe that our product is the most advanced throttle controller on the market. But there are a lot of competitors, and one that might compel you is the Roar Pedal. Let’s look at both products in detail to see which one is superior! 

Pedal Commander vs Roar Pedal: What Does Throttle Controllers Offer

This graph shows your vehicle's ETC system!

As mentioned, there are a lot of throttle controllers on the market. These products offer a better driving experience by removing the inherent laggy feel from the electronic throttle system.

This is how Pedal Commander gets incorporated to the ETC system

Most devices achieve the desired effect by enhancing the signals from your electronic accelerator’s throttle position switch (TPS for short). These systems are fully electronic and have an inherent delay and lag due to the processing, safety measures, and many other factors.

Pedal Commander's throttle curves

Pedal Commander does the same, and then more! With Pedal Commander, you can customize how your throttle feels with the touch of a button. Also, it will actually remove %99 of the lag caused by the ETC system. Now you know what throttle controllers do; let’s compare the Pedal Commander and Roar Pedal head to head!

Roar Pedal vs Pedal Commander: Which Throttle Controller is Better?

If you are looking for the definitive answer to the “Pedal Commander vs Roar Pedal” question, you have to take a deeper look at each throttle controller. That’s what we aim to do! 

Roar Pedal vs Pedal Commander: Roar Pedal’s Features

  • Roar Pedal’s LCD Version is $159.99, and the Bluetooth version is 169.99
  • Roar Pedal has five modes; Normal, ECO, Sport, Sport+, and Race. 
  • Each mode, except Normal, has nine different sensitivity settings.
  • Normal Mode returns the car to stock.
  • Roar Pedal is not specially made to fit any vehicle, as Roar Pedal markets it as an intelligent piece of hardware that is a “one-size-fits-all” solution.
  • Roar Pedal’s LCD version’s dimensions are 2" x 1.2" x 0.2", but there is no clear information about the Bluetooth version’s size. 

Pedal Commander vs Roar Pedal: What Does Pedal Commander Offer?

  • Pedal Commander is $299.99
  •  Pedal Commander has four modes; ECO, City, Sport, and Sport+.
  • Each mode can be dialed up and down with nine different presets, with a whopping 36 different settings to choose from.
  • ECO mode slows the acceleration for a smoother and safer experience and can help you get up to 20% better fuel economy. ECO mode can also be used as a Valet or Teenager mode.
  • Pedal Commander’s dimensions are 2.7×1.9×0.6 inches.
  • Pedal Commander’s command module can be tucked away as it has Bluetooth capabilities. 
  • Pedal Commander also has a fantastic app that you can use for its Bluetooth capabilities. 
  • You don’t have to pay any extra for Bluetooth capabilities or give up the control module for it. 

Pedal Commander vs Roar Pedal: Why is Pedal Commander the Best Throttle Response Controller on the Market?

There’s a reason why Pedal Commander is the most popular throttle response controller on the market. However, Roar Pedal’s cheaper price tag might appeal to people. Be that as it may, you have to remember that you get what you pay for. Also, you must choose between having a control module or Bluetooth capabilities if you want to get the Roar Pedal. While Pedal Commander is a little more expensive, it has better build quality, better materials, and better after-sales support. 

We say Pedal Commander is better than Roar Pedal or any of our competitors, and we mean it!  Let’s look at some reasons why!

  • Pedal Commander has many awards and certifications, including CARB certification, which makes it legal for use in California. Pedal Commander also has multiple SEMA Awards for Data Excellence and Packaging Design. Pedal Commander also has CE, ISO 9001, and TÜV Austria certifications!
  • Roar Pedal does not have the CARB certification, so technically, it is illegal in California. 
  • Pedal Commander has a great two years of product warranty.  Pedal Commander also has a 30-days-no-questions-asked money-back guarantee!
  • Pedal Commander is made in Türkiye, but its headquarters are in Camarillo, California. This means you will have a much better after-sales and service experience! Roar Pedal supplies the replacement parts and makes you do the service, but Pedal Commander carries warranty-covered repairs by its expert technicians.
  •  Pedal Commander also has one of the best customer services in the automotive aftermarket industry with a team of highly skilled experts. You can reach our customer service via live chat, phone, mail, website, and our application! 
  • Thanks to Pedal Commander’s Bluetooth capabilities and the great app, you can also receive OTA upgrades, and better yet, we can push a custom throttle mapping if none of our 36 modes satisfy you.
  • Roar Pedal is a “one-size-fits-all” solution, and those never fit anyone. The unit stays the same when you get a Roar Pedal, but the throttle plugs change. Pedal Commander is specifically designed to work with your vehicle’s engine, transmission, and ECU, so you’ll get peace of mind by buying a product that’s made for your vehicle! 
  • Pedal Commander is recommended by professional drifters Odi Bakchis, Evan Bogovich, and Matt Field, UFC legend Tony Ferguson, off-road racer Cadence Cowan, and influencers such as Destin Cantre, Blake Wilkey, Kill Bambi, Ari and Cars, and Ruckus Company. 
  • Pedal Commander also supports sports and motorsports events all around the globe, including sponsorships at UFC, NASCAR, and Formula Drift. Currently, Pedal Commander sponsors Formula Drift, Odi Bakchis, and Evan Bogovich. 
  • Pedal Commander is battle tested! If you are a Formula Drift fan, you probably saw the Pedal Commander Nissan S14.9 win Prospec ST. Louis at the hands of Evan Bogovich. 

Evan Bogovich's Pedal Commander Silvia S14.9!

Don’t just take our word for it! Pedal Commander has over 10.000 reviews with an average of 4.9 stars, compared to Roar Pedal’s 2.460 with an average of 4.8! Our customers love our product because it is the best. If you want to Live Life Full throttle, the only choice is Pedal Commander! Click here to select your car and engine. Let Pedal Commander work its magic! 

Pedal Commander vs Roar Pedal