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Pedal Commander vs Windbooster

Rahmi Doğucan E.
September 21, 2022

There are numerous automotive businesses; company rebounds when producing aftermarket components that let users improve the performance, comfort, miles per gallon and overall enjoyment of their vehicles. To pick an actually working aftermarket part is important. To pick the most efficient performance part is hard. Completing your tuning kit and having all of your aftermarket parts work coherently is bliss. Will your aftermarket parts work together? In this series we are comparing Pedal Commader with other throttle response controllers and many more tuning options. Let’s just dive right in.

Pedal Commander vs. Windbooster: What They Do? 

You're familiar with throttle lag if you've ever driven a fuel-powered vehicle. Throttle lag is the interval between depressing the gas pedal and the time at which the wheels receive the most power. Having lag makes it challenging for drivers to accelerate when needed. Simply put, there is a delay.

Where Pedal Commander comes into play!

Drivers can easily adjust their acceleration with the throttle response controller, an electrical component that fastens to the standard accelerator pedal. It functions by optimizing your vehicle's engine control unit (ECU) with high-frequency pulses, which improves the responsiveness of acceleration. Throttle response controllers are an excellent car upgrade because they help optimize other performance characteristics like fuel efficiency and smoother idle. The best part of it is being non-intrusive. Unlike chip tunings, many throttle response controllers (like Pedal Commander) won’t void your warranty! 

Pedal Commander's throttle curves

Pedal Commander vs Windbooster: Which One Is Better

If it isn’t the time for comparison! Windbooster has claims on fuel efficiency, and uses some number as real as “up to 15 percent” that’s wonderful. Pedal Commander in its ECO mode is able to increase your miles-per-gallon by up to 20 percent. ECO mode is also responsible for taking you to unreachable places thanks to it’s better grip.

If you try to contact Windbooster customer service through their website, you may encounter something like 对不起,当前我们都不在线上。请留言,我们将尽快回复您” but if thats too confusing for you, here is the translation “Sorry, we are not online at the moment. Please leave a message and we will reply you as soon as possible“. Windbooster customer service may create some problems in the long run. Pedal Commander customer service is geared up and ready to answer all your questions! You can contact Pedal Commander through phone, e-mail and live chat!

Windbooster has 4 reviews. Yup, you haven’t heard it wrong. 4 reviews made by the same woman. One of these reviews emphasizes on the fact that the review “isn’t fake”. When compared to Pedal Commander over 10.000 reviews with a dominating 4.9 star feedback rate, Windbooster kinda gets lost in the wind.

There is an interesting mode on Windbooster, i-Auto Intelligent Mode. In this mode the device “intelligently decides” which mode is best and switches them throughout your driving session. This is very dangerous folks. Changing modes while driving can result in many unwanted situations from car related issues to scenarios where your life may be threatened. You choose the best mode for you with Pedal Commander and drive safely with nothing changing on your throttle pedal sensitivity at important moments.

Windbooster vs Pedal Commander: What Does Windbooster Offer?

Here’s the information provided by Windbooster:

  • Up to 10 acceleration modes.
  • Mode fine-tuning, up to 40 acceleration programs ( manual & auto).
  • Up to 15% fuel saving.
  • Compact size: Windbooster is relatively small ultra-thin 6mm design. 6mm roughly becomes 0.2 in. but that is the only dimension provided by them. Pedal Commanders dimensions are 2.7×1.9×0.6 in.
  • Specific plug for each specific car model, safer and more reliable.
  • Plug-and-play takes less than 5 minutes install.
  • 4S new special feature: lock mode.

Windbooster vs Pedal Commander: What Does Pedal Commander Offer?

To get all the information you require, check out our website whenever possible. Additionally, our website offers live chat, so you can speak with a customer support representative one-on-one. Let us give you a brief overview of Pedal Commander:

  • Pedal Commander has four settings: ECO, City, Sport, and Sport+.
  • For each mode, there are 36 possible options and nine distinct presets that can be tweaked up or down.
  • For a safer and more comfortable ride, the acceleration is slowed down in ECO mode, which can also result in a 20% boost in fuel efficiency.
  • You can also set the Valet and Teenager modes under ECO mode.
  • A fantastic two-year product warranty is offered by Pedal Commander. Additionally, there is a 30-day, money-back guarantee with Pedal Commander!
  • One of the best Customer Service Experience in the industry.
  • Pedal Commander supports all types of sports and motorsports events around the world such as UFC, NASCAR, and Formula Drift.

Windbooster vs Pedal Commander: Time For You to Accelerate! 

You can not just accept what we say as accurate! Pedal Commander has more than 10.000 reviews with an average rating of 4.9 stars, higher than Windbooster, which has four reviews, all typed by the person with the same profile photo. One of her comments emphasizes, quote on quote, “this is not a fake comment!”. 

The results speak for themselves. Because our product is the greatest, customers adore it. Pedal Commander is situated in California, and it is made in Turkiye. As much as we have no problems with China, AI-generated content and lack of information about user experience seem like a huge red flag to us. 

Pedal Commander is recommended by professional drifters Odi Bakchis, Evan Bogovich, Matt Field, UFC legend Tony Ferguson, off-road racer Cadence Cowan, and influencers such as Destin Cantre, Blake Wilkey, Kill Bambi, Ari and Cars, and Ruckus Company.

Evan's Pedal Commander S14.9

The choice is obvious to us.  Do you want the best experience? Visit Pedal Commander and select your car and engine, let us do the rest! 

Pedal Commander vs Windbooster