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What can you Expect from Pedal Commander Customer Service?

Courtney Perkins
September 29, 2022

The connections that we have with our customers are very important as we strive to meet the needs and concerns that you might have. Building trust with you and assisting where needed helps us to set our customer service standards higher than the average after-market throttle response companies. We need to hear from you so that we can fix it for you!  

We believe that working with our customers to improve their knowledge of the Pedal Commander can help us to navigate a stronger and more devoted customer base. We have policies and procedures that have been set in place that allow our customer service team to address most issues, problems, and inquiries as efficiently as possible. Hey, after all, we know our PC and you took the leap and bought it!😆

Yes, it’s true, our customer service focuses mainly on after your purchase has been completed. However, we are also known for helping you find the right Pedal Commander that works for you and your vehicle to start Living your Life Full Throttle! 

You can always find the installation instructions on our website; however, we are always available to help you find the root of the issues that you might be receiving and any concerns you may have so that your experience is a smooth commute. 

Got Questions? Ask Away…

Here are some ways our customer service team can help you:

  • Help you to gain knowledge of how the Pedal Commander works.
  • Assist with any issues or concerns that you might have.
  • Troubleshooting…We got your throttle!😉
  • Issues with your order? We need to know.

We understand the concerns that you might have and need your feedback to help us assist you as efficiently as possible. Having you contact us by email helps us keep track of your issues to allow any of our customer services team members to pick up where you left off. This also allows us to track the data we receive so that our developers can better improve the Pedal Commander for you and future Full Throttle Contenders, well, that is, if they are up to enjoying the Full Throttle Lifestyle! 

Here’s How You Can Reach the Pedal Commander Customer Service Team:

  • Contact our Pedal Commander Support at
  • Use our Live Chat anywhere on our website:
  • Contact us by calling our Camarillo, CA headquarters. Business Hours: Monday through Friday (8 am-4 pm PST)

Want To Become a Distributor?

  • Pedal Commander B2B Team at our Dealership Program

    Thank you for considering Pedal Commander! We strive to have excellent Customer Service. If you are wanting instant communication, we encourage you to use our Live Chat to reach out to us! Sometimes there are struggles, and you just do not understand what is going on, so let us help you, and you be the judge of us on a rating of 1-5 stars. This will allow us to become better for our customers and help us to improve that excellence that we strive for so that we can all Live Life Full Throttle! 

    What can you Expect from Pedal Commander Customer Service?