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Your Scion still has a long life ahead of it! Give it the mid-life upgrade it deserves with Pedal Commander! Get extreme performance with the push of a button!

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Get the Most out of Your Scion with Pedal Commander

Scion was a Japanese marque that catered to younger buyers who wanted affordable and reliable commuters that were fun to drive. Scion filled its lineup to the brim with youthful vehicles that have dynamic designs and driving characteristics to match. Whether you have a purebred sports coupe or a subcompact sedan that punches way above its weight class, you made a fantastic choice with Scion. You can make another great choice with Pedal Commander! Keep reading.

While Scions are capable cars, they can use some help in the performance department. Pedal Commander will give your Scion the extra push to make it quicker, which is all a Scion ever needs. You can say goodbye to the throttle lag and instantly access the engine’s power with Pedal Commander. Watch this video to see our customers react to Pedal Commander in action, and see it for yourself! If you’re interested, scroll down and select your Scion and learn more about how Pedal Commander can help you.

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Got Something on Your Mind?
Scion Owners Asked, and We Answered

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How Can Scion Performance Parts Boost Your Vehicle?

Scion is one of the best automobile brands produced for performance lovers. Apart from having smooth and aerodynamic designs, Scion cars also have high-performance engines. The robust engines used in Scion cars make them the prime example of vehicles that Scion racing parts can improve. These Scion performance parts can boost speed and performance. With the help of the Scion aftermarket accessories that are easily available in the market, Scion owners can build a competent performance machine that you can use in racing, track days, or a fun weekend ride. However, when looking for a Scion modification, you should be careful.

Before making any kind of purchase, you should do some research. Using the proper Scion performance parts for the purpose is the key. Too much power or a heavy car can reduce Scion fuel economy. However, there are some very impactful Scion upgrades to improve your vehicle.

For example, the Pedal Commander allows the driver to control the car's acceleration and throttle response. Pedal Commander bypasses some checks and lets you fully open the throttle. It is a Scion performance part that helps boost the performance and improve the speed of your Scion. 

The Pedal Commander is one of the best products for enthusiasts who demand the best Scion performance. Many Scion performance parts can boost the speed and overall performance of your car’s engine by a significant margin. However, not many can do it safely. Pedal Commander can be the solution to most of your problems. You can easily fit the Pedal Commander into your car and get a safe performance upgrade.

Are Scion Aftermarket Parts Reliable?

If you are looking for a thorough upgrade of your Scion car, you should look for Scion aftermarket parts. There are a lot of places where you can find Scion aftermarket parts. You can find Scion parts aftermarket shops, garages, or online. Scion aftermarket accessories are great ways to add options and features otherwise unavailable for your vehicle.

There are many different Scion upgrade ideas on the internet. As mentioned, they can be great ways to upgrade your automobile. As an owner, you should do proper research and understand that Scion aftermarket parts are not always the best solution to your problem. Most Scion mods need you to alter your vehicle’s ECU in some way or another, and it can be hazardous. Also, most mods are destructive and not easy to revert. It can be dangerous because most Scion aftermarket parts will void your warranty.

If you don’t want to deal with these kinds of issues, you might want to go with a safer option. While safer options are rare, they exist, and Pedal Commander is one of the best.

How Does Scion Tuning Enhance Performance?

Some Scion cars might benefit from Scion tuning. Scion chip tuning can help you boost your vehicle's performance. A Scion tuner can be an excellent Scion performance part. Also, if there are any problems in the car's software that are negatively impacting the car’s speed and performance, Scion tuning will help you remove them so that you can get better speed and performance from your Scion car. 

However, Scion tuning itself can be a problem, especially if you don’t need it.  While Scion tune up costs can be low, they can end up fairly expensive.  Scion tuning is a prime example of Scion mods that voids the car’s warranty. While it is easily removable and reversible, Scion tuning leaves traces. Most dealerships will catch these traces in a heartbeat, and it can leave you with a hefty repair bill.

Fear not, though, as a good quality Scion throttle controller might solve most of your problems, especially if your primary problem is the Scion acceleration problem. If you are looking to get Scion tuning or a throttle response controller, you don’t have to look further. Pedal Commander is an excellent throttle response controller that allows you to make your acceleration smoother and faster without putting you at risk.

How Can Scion Mods Bring That Extra Performance?

Scion mods such as a Scion performance chip can be significant. However, there are a lot of other Scion mods ideas that can be even more beneficial to your use case. If you are looking to race your car, you should go with Scion engine mods. Engine mods can make your car’s engine more durable, which is what you want, as you will push your car to the limit.

If you are looking for Scion performance mods and your car still has a factory warranty, your best option will be the Pedal Commander. It is a Scion performance part that won’t void your warranty. Apart from boosting the overall performance of your ride, Pedal Commander lets you have total control over your vehicle

Pedal Commander has four different modes. Each mode offers nine different performance levels. You can control and manage modes through the mobile application. The City mode is for driving in a city environment where there is a lot of traffic. The Eco mode is for driving and saving gas. You can also open the taps with the Sport mode. However, if you are up for the total madness and on a race track, you can turn the acceleration to eleven with Sport+ mode. Pedal Commander has a mode for every mood and every occasion. 

Why Scion Tuners May Not Be Enough By Themselves?

You might have heard about the Scion tuners. The Scion tuner is the device that helps improve Scion cars' overall speed and performance. A good set-up Scion tuner improves the overall driving experience and allows the driver to have better control over the vehicle. Scion tuners play a big part in Scion tuning. However,  Scion tuner devices can be hard to install and void your warranty. 

Still, Scion tuner chips are some of the best ways if you are looking for Scion horsepower upgrades. However, a Scion performance tuner is not magic, and it is not enough on its own. If you still feel your car doesn’t accelerate the way it should, you can give Pedal Commander a try.

Pedal Commander is a Scion performance part that is compatible with all the Scion tuners on the market, and this is good news for you. Pedal Commander is capable of doing things your Scion tuner can’t. It can give your car a better throttle response and a great, sporty feel. However, if you have a teenager in the family, they can enjoy the car with Eco mode, as it will effectively slow down the vehicle, making it easier to control. 

Which Scion Upgrades Are Suitable for Better Throttle Response and Performance

Scion specifications already make it a vehicle of choice for many drivers, but you can improve upon specs. Many drivers and sports car lovers apply Scion updates to enhance their performance, speed, and handling. However, Scion performance upgrades require a lot of work. You can’t install every Scion upgrade at home, and for some intricate work like Scion engine upgrades, it is best to leave them to a mechanic

If you want Scion performance upgrades but don’t want to send your car to a mechanic or don’t want to get your hands dirty, Pedal Commander is the perfect Scion upgrade for you. Pedal Commander can drastically improve your car’s performance, and it is extremely easy to install Scion performance part. It can be installed in 15 minutes or less and only requires common hand tools.

Are Scion Accessories Worth Your Money?

As the name suggests, the Scion performance accessories will help you improve the performance of your Scion. These Scion upgrade parts are readily available online. However, not every Scion performance part is equal, and some can damage your car. Also, there are a lot of snake oil products on the market. 

One of the best Scion car accessories that you can find online for improving the speed and performance of your car is the Pedal Commander. Pedal Commander is easy to install, doesn’t void your warranty, and adds value to your car. As mentioned earlier, Pedal Commander has multiple modes that help the drivers of all types in all conditions, which means that you can not only use this Scion performance part in Sports mode but also take advantage of it while driving in the city where there is a lot of traffic.

How to Customize Scion Cars?

You can customize your Scion car with the help of Scion customization parts that are available in the market. Scion is known as one of those vehicles that are easy to upgrade, update, and customize. Its body, engine, powertrain, and transmission You can upgrade all parts with the help of custom parts. The Scion custom parts make your car go faster when you need it, and they can also help you improve the overall performance of your engine and vehicle. However, you still need to pay attention to what you are installing in your vehicle. 

Scion custom accessories can make your car more pleasant; however, you need to pay some attention, as some Scion performance parts can also damage your car. Still, if you want the best tool for Scion customization, you might want to install Pedal Commander.  Pedal Commander is easy to install, easy to use, and can be controlled with your smartphone via Bluetooth. With Pedal Commander, you can customize how your car behaves on the fly.

Are Scion Cheap Parts Available Out There?

You can buy a lot of Scion parts at a low price from different online and offline stores and vendors. These Scion gears will help you improve the performance of your car. At least, that’s what they are supposed to do. However, not every Scion online parts vendor sells high-quality parts. So, you need to make sure that you are shopping from a reputable brand.

Scion makes some fantastic vehicles, and they offer some amazing Scion engine options Most of the marque’s engines can take a lot of abuse. However, getting hold of original parts can be tricky, so while upgrading your ride with Scion performance parts, you need to make sure that you don’t damage anything.

Cheap parts usually have shabby quality control, and they might damage your pride and joy. However, if you don’t need any horsepower upgrade, you can get some top-notch products for affordable prices. For example, Pedal Commander is an affordable Scion performance part, but it is entirely safe. Because Pedal Commander doesn’t boost horsepower or tamper with the factory tune, it doesn’t put any extra strain on your engine. However, it makes your throttle response sharper, and your car will feel sportier.

Why You Should Be Careful When Shopping For Scion Parts Accessories?  

Scion parts are used to upgrade the car's performance, and they greatly help improve it. To maintain the vehicle and make it look better, you can also use Scion accessories. Scion auto parts can also help make the car go faster and perform better.  However, not every Scion aftermarket parts are equal. If you want the best Scion performance parts, you should go with a known brand such as Pedal Commander, as it is the most popular throttle response controller on the market. 

Scion Coupe Parts Accessories can Improve Your Performance

Scion makes charismatic coupes that are bursting with potential. As an owner, you should know that there’s a lot of untapped potential hiding underneath the hood of your Scion coupe. Scion Coupe aftermarket parts can help you in your quest to build one of the most fun vehicles you’ll ever get to drive. If you want the one of best Scion coupe accessories, you can go with Pedal Commander