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Throttle Response Controller

Pedal Commander - Throttle Response Controller

These days vehicles are no longer powered with the old school throttle cable that gave you a linear relation between your foot and the throttle body. Everything is now powered by electronics and your car’s computer (ECU), which manufacturers make with a "one size fits all" process. The electronic throttle does not provide the same performance as it creates a lag from your initial accelerator push. Pedal Commander gives you the ability to eliminate the response delay from your electronic accelerator (gas pedal), allowing your engine to respond faster. As a result, your gas pedal becomes more sensitive for a sportier or an old school feel. You can also make it less sensitive if your main goal is to increase fuel economy.

Engineered by Vitalen Auto Performance

Fully compatible for all major makes and models
Fully Compatible
Easy plug-and-play method for hassle-free installation
Easy Installation
Pedal Commander comes with a 2-Year product warranty
Full Coverage
Undetectable and will not void your vehicle's warranty
Equipped with Bluetooth for easy smartphone access
Bluetooth Enabled

What is Pedal Commander?

Pedal Commander is a throttle response controller that removes response delays on your electronic gas pedal. Today’s newer vehicles lack the responsiveness that came with older throttle cables. It doesn’t matter how fast you push your gas pedal to the floor, you don’t have access to all the power your vehicle has to offer. We are your solution!

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What is Pedal Commander?

Yes! Pedal Commander only gives you the performance reserved by the manufacturer. It will only be switched on when you really need the power and will not push your vehicle beyond its original safety measures.

When a dealership does any kind of work or repair, they run a scan on the vehicle's computer to see if anything has been changed. Other aftermarket tuners and programmers will leave "flags" on the ECU after they've been installed, and will remain even after they've been removed. These digital footprints are what causes dealerships to void any kind of claim or maintenance program.

Pedal Commander is 100% UNTRACEABLE by dealerships because it doesn't leave these "flags" on your ECU. Before going in for service, just make sure you turn the unit off and tuck it out of sight and you're good to go!

If you’re going in for any kind of repair or problem, we recommend removing the unit just to be safe because when a dealership starts running diagnostics, they look for things like this to avoid a warranty payout.

Pedal Commander dos not increase horsepower, but it gives you complete customization control over how you want your gas pedal to respond with acceleration.

Absolutely! The Pedal commander compliments any tune, performance chip, or aftermarket add-on. We only intercept the electronic signal and remap the throttle curve, so its beauty lies in its simplicity. You will be pleased with the results.

Yes! The Pedal Commander is just as effective on manual transmissions as it is on automatics.

Pedal Commander - Throttle Response Controller