ClickCease Expert Advice: Master Hypermiling Techniques for Maximum Fuel Efficiency
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Master the Art of Hypermiling: An In-Depth Guide to Maximizing Fuel Efficiency

Emre Buğra Çetin
October 03, 2022

In the US, high gasoline prices have become a way of life for drivers. Some of them have resorted to extraordinary measures to get the most efficient mpg possible while operating their vehicles. This is referred to as "hypermiling" in the US. However, any motorist who wants to maximize their MPG can apply some strategies employed by hypermilers to produce fuel efficiency that exceeds the standard claims. Answering what is hypermiling and cherry-picking a few hypermiling strategies will significantly improve your fuel economy even if you too don't want to go all in. There is one surprise helper who helps in all terrains and situations, keep reading to find out!

The Ultimate Guide to Hypermiling: Everything You Need to Know

Hypermiling is firstly done by being a hypermiler. That is, because a set of things that you do will be defining your hypermilling efficiency. So, what is hypermiling? As a hypermiler, you will first determine whether driving is necessary; if a 5-minute trip can be replaced by a walk or a cycle, you will be doing so. If you must drive, devise a route that is as direct as possible while requiring minor braking and acceleration. Additionally, you will make an effort to drive during less congested times. Maintaining momentum is key to hypermiling. The more braking and accelerating you perform while driving up hills or through congested traffic, the less effective your driving is. Pedal Commander can actually help you on that. It’s City mode and ECO mode can greatly enhance your acceleration control, more on that later!

A hypermiling vehicle will also be tuned for maximum efficiency. This implies that it will be well-maintained and serviced frequently and that the tires will be properly filled to guarantee that rolling resistance is at its most effective. Additionally, any unnecessary goods in the back will be removed to reduce weight and boost fuel efficiency. A hypermiler will attempt to take advantage of their location when parked. Instead of turning on their heated screen when it's freezing outside, they will park their car facing the sun to let the sun melt a frosty windscreen. They'll also park in the shade if it's hot, so the air conditioning in the car doesn't have to work as hard.

What are Some of the Driving Techniques to Increase Fuel Economy?

Here are some basic hypermiler car use information to help you get a better hypermilling outcome.

Master the Art of Hypermiling with Effective Speed Control Techniques

Due to wind resistance and tire rolling resistance, speeding causes a drop in fuel efficiency. While varying speeds are necessary for vehicles to obtain their best fuel economy, gas efficiency typically drops off sharply above 50 mph (mph). For light-duty vehicles, for instance, every 5 mph beyond 50 mph is equivalent to spending $0.30 more per gallon of fuel (considering the current gas price of around $4 per gallon). Your fuel efficiency can increase by 7% to 14% if you reduce your speed by 5 to 10 mph.

Trip Planning

Combining journeys can help you save time and money by reducing the time your car needs to be started and stopped. This is especially beneficial in colder areas where it can take longer for your engine to warm up to its most fuel-efficient temperature. When the engine is heated and operating at its most fuel-efficient temperature, a single, long, multi-purpose trip will consume less fuel than a shorter journey. Shorter journeys can consume double the fuel while traveling the same distance as a single long one. Cold engine oil and other drive-line fluids cause an increase in friction in the engine and transmission, decreasing engine efficiency. Planning your destinations beforehand will help you travel less and spend less time operating a cold engine.

How can you Save Fuel While Driving Certain Conditions?

While driving techniques are important, you also need to realize which terrain requires what type of driving technique. Trying to maintain a steady 50 mph may prove non-profitable in a muddy terrain after all! Let’s check out the terrain wise techniques.

Off-road Hypermiling

How can you save fuel while driving on hills? In rough terrain filled with obstacles, you have to slow down to preserve traction. A fast acceleration means slippery terrain for your tires. Slow and steady saves the day when it comes to getting a vehicle unstuck. Pedal Commander’s ECO mode can help you with that! By creating a better throttle sensitivity to accelerate with controlled momentum really gets the best out of hard terrain. An improved fuel economy up to 20% is possible with ECO mode!

City Hypermiling

As impossible as anger management in traffic, hypermiling in city is tough. But if you could handle your vehicle with a determined approach, ideally you would get better hypermiling. You have to predict the future of the traffic to be certain.

Also remember, drafting can save gas! The answer for “does drafting save gas?” has been taken into account by Mythbusters. By tailgating a big rig, you can save some fuel. Here are the results:

  • 55mph Control: 32mpg
  • 100ft apart: 35.5mpg, 11% improvement
  • 50ft apart: 38.5mpg, 20%
  • 20ft apart: 40.5mpg, 27%
  • 10ft apart: 44.5mpg, 39%
  • 2ft apart: 41mpg, 29%

It is thought that Grant couldn’t keep a steady throttle at 2ft apart, which actually reduced the mpg percentage.

Take your lane, speed up, change gears, and brake accordingly. Study your route and what happens to it in the mornings, middays and nights. You can get even more certainty with a better throttle response at Pedal Commander’s City mode!

Master the Art of Hypermiling: An In-Depth Guide to Maximizing Fuel Efficiency