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Pedal Commander vs. Z Automotive Tazer

Rahmi Doğucan E.
September 21, 2022

There are many aftermarket performance modifications out there; business booms when you’re making aftermarket parts to allow people to boost their car’s performance, comfort, miles-per-gas, and overall experience. We are one of those manufacturers. Being in this field taught us much about what you do and don’t need. Here, we will share our ideas infused with experience to aid you in the battle of choosing the best performance upgrade for your precious vehicle. Stay tuned, folks! Let’s get down with the comparison train.

Pedal Commander vs. Z Automotive Tazer: What They Do? 

Comparing Pedal Commander with Z Automotive Tazer is difficult. These two performance parts are totally different. In fact, if you want to get the most out of your vehicle, If you have a Stellantis vehicle, getting both of them is a better idea. Tazer is an electronic OBD2 plug-in device that’s used to unlock secret settings on Dodge, RAM, Jeep, and Chrysler vehicles. It can unlock SRT drive modes, factory sport modes, and enable more features for you! 

Pedal Commander is a much different performance modification. It is a throttle response controller. If you want to understand how throttle controller works, you must first grasp how the ECU interprets the signal supplied from the accelerator pedal. The pedal box sends a signal voltage to the ECU with today's drive-by-wire accelerator controls. The ECU interprets this signal, reading the increased voltage from the pedal as increased input for the throttle.

Your vehicle's ETC system 

The pedal also functions as a "ramp-up" indication, meaning it won't immediately deliver a 100 percent throttle signal if you fastly press the accelerator to the floor. This signal gradually increases to 100% over the course of a second or two, eliminating any "jerkiness" from the acceleration profile.

How Pedal Commander connects

Z Automotive Tazer is not a throttle response controller. It is a tuner that is claimed to tune many things from tires to the turbo, from radios to dashboards.

Pedal Commander vs Z Automotive Tazer: Which One Is Better

Comparing Pedal Commander to Z Automotive Tazer is quite difficult, as these parts are completely different. In fact, these parts can work perfectly with each other, especially if you want an upgrade that won't void your warranty! 

While automotive enthusiasts search for Pedal Commander vs Z Automotive Tazer, there's nothing to compare, so we'll give you a rundown on what each performance modification does! 


Z Automotive Tazer vs Pedal Commander: What Does Z Automotive Tazer Offer?

Even though Z Automotive Tazer isn’t a throttle response controller, it’s still an aftermarket part. Let’s see what it claims to do.

Feature Enable: The Tazer can unlock factory-locked SRT Drive modes, including Track, Valet, ECO. It can also enable factory Sport Mode (5 speed and 8 speed), SRT EVIC Performance pages, and SRT performance pages in the Uconnect 8.4 radio. It can also disable Auto Start-Stop, and do much more! 

Line Lock: While stopped, push two steering-wheel buttons, and the ABS valves will hold the car using the front brakes so you can press the gas and perform a flawless burnout for however long you like without wearing out the rear brakes. No plumbing is necessary!

Steering Wheel Shifting (SWS): This feature lets you manually control gear change while keeping your hands on the wheel by using the cruise+/- buttons on your steering wheel. After utilizing the console shifter to put the car in AutoStick mode, SWS mode is activated. Use the cruise buttons to shift once in AutoStick (but only if cruise control is off)! Buttons can be used at any moment to enable or disable this feature.

Note: Only available in vehicles with 8-speed.

Light Shows: Switch on a light display that flashes the outside lights in 9 various patterns that use the key fob, steering wheel, and additional dash menu. There are 6 pre-configured patterns and 3 make-your-own patterns. ideal for parades and auto exhibitions.

Auto Start/Stop Disable: If your Grand Cherokee or Durango has auto stop-start, you may find it annoying and wish it would be turned off by default. You don't need to push the disable button each time you start the car because the Tazer can handle it for you.

Pedal Commander vs Z Automotive Tazer: What Does Pedal Commander Offer?

You can always check our website to access all the information you need. You also have the ability to have one on one conversations with our customer service through live chat in our website. Let us briefly introduce you to Pedal Commander:

  • There are four settings for Pedal Commander: ECO, City, Sport, and Sport+.
  • There are nine different presets and 36 various settings for each mode, which may be tuned up and down.
  • The acceleration is slowed down in ECO mode for a safer and smoother ride, and it can increase your fuel economy by up to 20%. 
  • Valet and Teenager modes can both be used in ECO mode.

Pedal Commander Graph

  • Pedal Commander is a small gadget that can be used with Bluetooth to access the settings from your smartphone.
  • Pedal Commander has also received multiple SEMA Awards.
  • Additionally, Pedal Commander has certifications from CARB, CE, ISO 9001, and TUV Austria!
  • The command module for Pedal Commander can be concealed.

Z Automotive Tazer vs Pedal Commander: Let the Pedals Hit the Floor! 

Numerous honors and qualifications have been granted to Pedal Commander, including the CARB accreditation that makes it legal for usage in California. Additionally, Pedal Commander has won numerous SEMA Awards. Additionally, CE, ISO 9001, and TUV Austria certifications are held by Pedal Commander! 

A fantastic two-year product warranty is offered by Pedal Commander. Additionally, there is a 30 money back guarantee with Pedal Commander! If you have any problems, we will always be there for you to fix your problems. 

Don't just believe what we say! Pedal Commander has over 10.000 reviews with an average rating of 4.9 stars. The proof is in the pudding! Our product is the best, which is why our consumers adore it. 

Evan's Pedal Commander S14.9

Pedal Commander is recommended by professional drifters Odi Bakchis, Evan Bogovich, Matt Field, UFC legend Tony Ferguson, off-road racer Cadence Cowan, and influencers such as Destin Cantre, Blake Wilkey, Kill Bambi, Ari and Cars, and Ruckus Company.

Z Automotive Tazer only provides its services to Stellantis vehicles. It is a fantastic performance upgrade. It has some very powerful features such as unlocking the secret modes of your vehicle, however, it can’t improve throttle response. In turn, Pedal Commander can’t unlock the factory-locked modes of your vehicle. If you have a Dodge, RAM, Jeep, or a Chrysler, getting your vehicle Tazed and then enhancing the throttle response with a Pedal Commander is a good idea. If you wish to get some more information about Z Automotive Tazer, click here to visit their website. 

If you want to enhance your vehicle with the best throttle response controller there is, click here to select your vehicle to learn more about Pedal Commander!

Pedal Commander vs. Z Automotive Tazer