3 Common Reasons Why Your Performance Upgrade Isn't Working (And How To Fix It)
October 12, 2022

3 Common Reasons Why Your Performance Upgrade Isn't Working (And How To Fix It)

Almost all car enthusiasts associate real driving pleasure with mind-blowing performance and acceleration. For this reason, they always look for the right aftermarket parts to upgrade their vehicles. As today’s technology is rapidly developing, there are a lot of different auto upgrade parts to modify your car online. At this point, you can access many cheap ways to modify your car. 

However, performance upgrade parts can have various working problems and malfunctions. Like many technological or electronic tools, aftermarket parts are exposed to loss of quality, in other words, deterioration because of misusage, overexploitation, and unrepair. Apart from that, If you are not experienced with car modifications, you can have difficulty installing or removing performance parts. This also leads to working problems or breakdowns.

On the other hand, there are some unreliable car mods that have a risky operation on the engine components. They can create a lot of different problems from bad operation to damage to your original car parts. Even though you set up a regular maintenance and servicing schedule for this kind of aftermarket part, you have to confront serious working problems.

As you can guess, one of the most important requirements for buying the right aftermarket part is closely related to extensive research. If you learn every detail about the functions of car mods, you can get the most reliable one. Also, you should determine your budget because even though you afford some performance parts, you cannot cover their repair and maintenance costs.

As a result, we will talk about which aftermarket parts lead to working problems and serious damage to your engine parts. While mentioning this, we will offer many solutions about how to fix these problems. In fact, this article includes three common reasons why your performance upgrade isn’t working and how to fix it.

Stay Away From Inexperienced ECU Tuning Companies

As you know, ECU chip tuning is famous for performance, acceleration, and fuel economy. It is also a cheap way to modify your car. But if something goes wrong during its operation, installation, or removal process, you can face a fuel-hungry chip tuning. So, this situation causes you to spend a considerable amount of money on more fuel, more oil, and also frequent repairs. Let’s look at the reasons why your car’s ECU is so fragile and important.

We can define the engine control unit (ECU) as a built-in computer system that manages the engine functions. Accordingly, it is responsible for the operations of other engine components. As performance chip tuning has a direct intervention in the settings of the engine, there is a possible risk to the engine control unit. It also has a complex installation and removal process that damages engine parts.

For this reason, after getting chip tuning done, you can have problems like overheating, loss of engine power, and more fuel consumption. As you can guess, engine damage requires expensive repairs which can take a long time. But an experienced engine tuning shop can help minimize those risks. 

Watch Out For Worse Air Flow 

Changing the airflow components such as intake manifold, cold air intake, intercoolers, and exhaust parts can be risky. As you know, one of the most indispensable elements for effective car performance is based on high-quality and constant airflow. Better air flow means better performance. For this reason, you should be careful about some aftermarket parts like air filters, cold air intake, and condenser coils which have a direct effect on the airflow.

For example, air filters can be clogged with dust, dirt, and debris over time. They lead to worse air quality and reduce the amount of air entering the internal combustion chamber of your car engine. Also, a cold air intake system contributes to the quality of the air. Cold air is denser, so your car's performance will be better. But if you don’t use a good cold air intake, the quality of air entering the engine can be low and insufficient. This leads to overheating of engine components. You need to make sure that you choose good performance upgrades that are well engineered. 

Poor Quality Aftermarket Parts Can Be Catastrophic

Almost all people are anxious about the health of their engine to preserve the performance and acceleration of their vehicles. This is because they are aware of the strong connection between serious engine failure and poor-quality aftermarket parts. As you know, there are many types of engine breakdowns. Thus, if you don’t pay attention to an ordinary one, it can reach a more dangerous level like an engine explosion.

For example, a clogged exhaust system is the enemy of your engine. The exhaust system is designed to remove harmful gasses from the engine. The sooner it releases these gasses, the sooner the engine can restart the circle of combustion. So, this process makes the engine generate more power. However, if the exhaust system you installed is more restrictive, it can get get clogged. If that happens, you might have to to deal with engine power loss, exhaust explosion, and even engine explosion. 

Moreover, a broken connecting rod leads to a hole in the block or crankcase of your vehicle. It is the significant part connecting a piston to the rotating crankshaft, so if it is broken, the engine will be exposed to hot oil escaping through the hole in the block or crankcase. This leads to a lot of blue smoke or even a fire in the engine. At this point, no repair suggestions will work due to the huge damage.

Therefore, if you want to buy a reliable and effective aftermarket part without any drawbacks, all you need to do is keep reading!

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