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What NOT to Do when Shopping For a New Performance Upgrade

Cansu Erdal
October 04, 2022

If you want to make a good investment to upgrade the performance and acceleration of your car, you need to know what not to do when shopping for a new performance upgrade. Unfortunately, when the goal is to make a profit, some manufacturers can put their economic interests first instead of quality and customer satisfaction. So, you should be careful about aftermarket part advertisements including scams and empty promises on the Internet.

Watch Out For What Aftermarket Parts Promise

Some aftermarket parts claim to have a lot of functions from speed to fuel economy, but mostly these cool promises are just scams. If it looks too good to be true, probably it isn’t true. When you buy an excessively inflated aftermarket part with ads on the Internet, you can be likely exposed to placebo effects. Even if the product does not work, you may think that it makes your car perform better with the effect of what you hear or see. For this reason, you need to have sufficient information about the real functions of popular aftermarket parts.

As there are many competitive performance parts in the market, it is quite normal that you can have difficulty noticing the differences between them. We can sort most popular performance parts as tuning chips, forced induction parts such as turbochargers, superchargers, and intercoolers, cold air intake kits, tuners, and throttle response controllers. While some of them do affect the performance and acceleration of your car, others are designed to add horsepower to your car or just enhance fuel economy. But, you should know that not all of these products can live up to their claims and promises as in advertisements.

Therefore, as you can guess, this article includes important warnings and useful information about what not to do when shopping for a new performance upgrade. So, if you want to buy the best aftermarket part in every respect, all you need to do is read our extensive research about it.

Stay Away From Cheap Aftermarket Parts

Some performance parts are very cheap compared to what they promise. Even if it sounds great, you should stay away from these kinds of cheap aftermarket parts. After all, you get what you pay for. The reason is that these can damage the original engine parts of your car and even void your car warranty. So, let’s talk about car warranty to increase the motivation of staying away from cheap performance parts.

A car warranty is a service contract including the manufacturer's acceptance for fixing broken original car parts. You need to know that it is based on covering the repair costs of breakage and malfunction because of defects in the manufacturer’s design or installation. For this reason, if something goes wrong with the operation or installation of the aftermarket part you bought, you have to pay the repair fee for your original car parts broken by the aftermarket part.

As you know, some manufacturers introduce their products into the market as a sure way to enhance the performance, acceleration, and fuel economy of your car. For example, if you buy the cheapest supercharger, you can’t see the best results. Also, even if you get the best one,  superchargers are designed to increase horsepower and also require high-quality professional help in terms of installation. Thus, both the installation and operation of superchargers can cause serious damage to the original engine components.

As you can see, there is a strong connection between cheap aftermarket parts and invalid car warranty situations. If you like our warnings about staying away from cheap auto upgrade parts, all you need to do is discover how to find a right aftermarket part.

How Can You Find a Right Aftermarket Part

If you’ve read so far, you are now aware of how some auto manufacturers manage people’s perceptions with ads including scams and empty promises on the Internet. As you know, money does not grow on trees, so you should read reliable sources to know what you want and find the most reliable and effective performance part.

Before deciding to buy any aftermarket part, you should start with setting your expectations, and needs. This allows you to determine your budget and time for the right aftermarket part appealing to you. Then, you need to pay attention to the how safe the part is and whether it is compatible with the design of your vehicle. When you make a detailed search about it, you will get the best experience.

Let’s talk about the functions of popular aftermarket parts like chip tunings, performance tuners, turbochargers, and throttle controllers. If you want to add 20 horsepower to your car, flashing your ECU can be a fair option.  But you won’t add a turbocharger, as it would be too complicated, risky, and unnecessary for the result you want.

On the other hand, performance tuners are designed for maintaining and adjusting some parameters like ignition timing and air-fuel ratios, s These also have risky installation and process because of their direct intervention in the engine operation. As you can see, we sift many familiar aftermarket parts to save the best for the last.

The most practical and reliable aftermarket part is throttle response controllers that offer instant access to the engine’s power by reducing throttle response time. As a throttle controller does not change the ECU mapping, it is completely safe in terms of both installation and process. If you want to preserve the car warranty, all you need to do is say goodbye to other car modifications and discover the best throttle controller.

If you want to get a performance upgrade without any drawbacks, you need to meet the most practical and versatile throttle controller: Pedal Commander. As it has four adjustable modes, it can promise you comfortable acceleration adjustment, fuel economy, a smoother and faster ride at the same time. For this reason, we feel right proud of defining Pedal Commander as a complete price-performance device.

What NOT to Do when Shopping For a New Performance Upgrade