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5 Common Misconceptions About Performance

Cansu Erdal
October 19, 2022

As you know, cars have been an indispensable part of our life for a long time. As some people see their car as a vehicle that takes them from point A to point B, they have to buy a new car over time. The reason is that every vehicle’s performance deprived of the necessary maintenance and useful aftermarket parts is bound to decrease over time. As many manufacturers are aware of this fact, there are a lot of different aftermarket parts in the auto market. However, you should be careful about what you see or hear on the Internet because it causes you to have misconceptions about the performance of your car. For this reason, some manufacturers try to introduce their products in the market as a cure sure to upgrade the performance of your car because they are quite aware of how powerful myths can be to shape your buying habits. So, let’s look at the myths to watch out for!

Premium Fuel Offers Better Performance

One of the most well-known myths about car performance is that premium fuel improves the engine performance and responsiveness of your car. Premium fuel includes higher octane. Higher the octane, better the performance, right? Not necessarily. See, on the gas pump 91-octane and above are accepted as premium fuel. So, it is quite understandable that premium fuel is more expensive than regular fuel due to its quality. That’s not the case. Premium fuel is only necessary if your car has an engine with a high compression ratio. If the owner’s manual says use 87 octane, use 87 octane!

More Horsepower Means More Performance

Almost all car enthusiasts associate more horsepower with more performance. But, it is another prevalent misconception about car performance. When you get some performance parts like a supercharger and turbocharger with the intent of increasing horsepower, you will get better performance. But you also need to know that both superchargers and turbochargers lead to engine wear because of their direct intervention in the way the engine works. As you can see, the saying “go farther and fare worse” explains the result of an ambition to add horsepower. Also, horsepower is not the only factor when it comes to performance. There’s a simpler solution to your performance problems. 

Cold Air Intake Is a Miracle Cure For Your Car

Another common misconception about car performance is that a cold air intake adds effective performance to your car. It is an over-inflated performance part with ads including assertive promises. A cold air intake improves the quality of air that enters the engine of your car. Even if it offers high-quality and denser air including more molecules of oxygen, it can lead to annoying engine noise because of restricting the capacity of air. Even though a cold air intake improves performance, acceleration, and gas mileage to a certain degree, you need to know that it does not offer as much performance as exaggerated in terms of car performance.

Tune-Ups Give You More Performance

One of the most common myths about car performance is that tune-ups are very effective to ensure the performance quality of your car. As you know, car tune-ups are based on checking, cleaning, fixing, or replacing. In fact, today’s rapidly developing technology offers more efficient performance parts than car tune-ups. However, repair and maintenance services pay more attention to their economic profits instead of facts. So many people associate perfect car performance with the action of scheduling tune-ups because of the auto mechanic’s advice. As you can see, tune-ups cannot go beyond necessary maintenance. Don’t mistake it with tuning. 

Performance Chip Tuning Is The Best Upgrade

Another popular myth about car performance is that performance chip tuning guarantees better speed and performance. It is based on remapping the parameters of the ECU (Electronic Control Unit). Tuning is a fantastic modification! But even though performance chip tuning improves your vehicle’s horsepower and torque, it is not the best performance upgrade.  

The reason is that performance chip tuning has a risky installation and process due to its direct intervention in engine operation. So, when you decide to get performance chip tuning, you have to take some serious risks like an invalid car warranty, serious damage to original engine parts, and a great waste of money.

If you want to get rid of these kinds of myths about car performance, all you need to do is keep reading to discover the best aftermarket part.

Pedal Commander Will Free You From All Myths about Car Performance

Multiple SEMA award-winner Pedal Commander is the most reliable and effective throttle response controller. It is designed to improve the electronic throttle system of your car. Unlike other risky and expensive performance parts, Pedal Commander does not add horsepower to your car because it has no direct intervention in how the engine works. The main functions of Pedal Commander are to establish a connection between your accelerator pedal and your car’s ECU and offer instant access to the engine’s power by eliminating throttle lag from your accelerator pedal. When you get Pedal Commander, you can feel like you’re driving four different cars thanks to its cutting-edge versatile technology including four adjustable modes.

Pedal Commander offers practical installation, two years warranty, and great driving pleasure at the same time. Give it a shot, you won't be disappointed!

5 Common Misconceptions About Performance