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Can a Bad Car Battery Cause Electrical Problems?

Rahmi Doğucan E.
October 24, 2022

Got some problems with your car's battery? It is time we discussed how your car's starter, alternator, and battery work together to turn the engine over, supply electricity to the electrical system, and recharge the battery so that it can keep running. We'll also answer some of your most often-asked questions about engine failure and assist you in identifying which one of these three components is to blame.


What are the Symptoms of a Bad Car Battery?

The battery in your car won't likely last as long as you anticipate. The factory-installed batteries in many modern automobiles have a shorter lifespan than predicted, lasting as little as two or three years, according to accounts from owners of various car makes and models.

A weak battery frequently has enough power to start your car but is unable to handle the added strain of power windows and other electrical accessories.

Your windows and radio may be working, but still, no luck starting the vehicle. The problem may be at your starter system. You can always jump-start your car. As a general rule, jump-starting should work to start the car if your battery is dead. If that doesn't work, the starter is likely to be at fault.


Here are a few symptoms of a bad car battery:

  • Issues with your car's other power accessories, such as the car audio, wipers, and electric side mirrors.
  • A push-button ignition with an inconsistent response.
  • Your warning lights are inoperative. The battery has insufficient power when the ignition is turned on, and no warning sign or check engine light comes on.
  • Lights that are dim. Do your headlights seem to be darker than usual? It can be challenging to determine, but try turning on the full beam; if nothing changes, you can be very sure the battery is faulty.

Can a Weak Car Battery Cause Transmission Problems?

Your engine must be spun quickly enough to draw fuel and air into its cylinders and compress them before it can start. When you start the engine, a signal is transmitted to your car's battery, creating a chemical process that produces electrical energy. The computer system also uses electronic controls to operate the transmission.

The car won't start if the battery is unable to supply the starter motor and other electrical components during ignition with the necessary electrical energy.

A gear wheel on the starter shaft of your vehicle links to a sizable gear ring that wraps around the flywheel's rim. Your starter turns the engine by drawing electricity from the battery, supplying fuel to the engine cylinder, and compressing it.

You will notice the transmission beginning to misbehave in various ways when the corrosion on the battery's exterior becomes severe enough—the way the electrical system functions frequently causes issues to occur. Therefore, if the battery isn't taken care of, the transmission will display symptoms of a problem before functioning normally again, making it difficult to determine if your transmission may fail.

Your transmission may show symptoms such as entirely missing a gear when shifting or delaying the change. This indicates that the transmission occasionally does not receive the necessary amount of power due to the corroded battery terminals. Make careful to examine the battery if the transmission struggles to shift into gear or shifts jerkily. So that you don't further harm the transmission, bring the automobile in as soon as possible for inspection.


Can a Bad Car Battery Cause Computer Problems?

A faulty battery can have an impact on all of your automobile's electronic components, including the car computer. If a malfunctioning battery is unable to provide the necessary electrical energy to a computer, it could result in issues.

Powertrain Control Module (PCM), or the modern automobile computer, is in charge of crucial auto parts like the engine, transmission, and powertrain. It controls these systems based on the data it gets from the numerous sensors inside your automobile.

When a battery drains, it may send lower voltages of power which may or may not hurt your PCM. But it can definitely cause some problems that are related to your PCM due to it not receiving enough voltage. Also, your PCM can create problems that aren’t caused by your battery too.

There might be a PCM issue if you are confident that your battery is not the problem. You can learn this by replacing the battery or charging the battery and checking if the problems still linger. Can a bad car battery cause electrical problems too? Unfortunately, since you require specialized tools to check the PCM, it is recommended to have it checked and repaired by a professional mechanic.

Can a Bad Car Battery Cause Electrical Problems?