What Happens If You Don’t Change Your Engine Oil in Time?
October 28, 2022

What Happens If You Don’t Change Your Engine Oil in Time?

Every automaker suggests changing the oil after a particular number of kilometers. Oil serves various purposes, including cooling, cleansing, and protecting your engine. What occurs if you ignore the suggested oil change schedule or don't change your motor oil at all? Read on to discover what may happen!

What Does Changing Engine Oil Prevent?

Why do cars need oil? Your car's engine runs on synthetic oil. All those painstakingly built moving elements in your car's engine are lubricated and protected by it. One of the most cost-effective methods to ensure trustworthiness and top performance from the vehicle you depend on to get you through life is to have it changed on a regular basis.

If you don't replace your oil, the outcome may frighten you. Here are just a few cases of how missing or delaying oil changes could end up costing you time and money. Is it really necessary to change your oil and what happens if you don’t change your oil?

Worn Components

Numerous moving components, including pistons and valves, make up an engine. The existent amount of oil works by lowering friction, the lubricating qualities of your engine oil aid in safeguarding moving parts of your engine parts. Engine oil will degrade after the advised oil change period and becomes less effective in shielding the components from friction, which will cause wear and damage. The dirty oil must be removed to complete an auto care for safety.

Under Performing Engine

Oil not only provides lubrication but also keeps your car's engine clean. Dirt and debris are carried into the fuel filter by detergents, dispersants, and other additives; the fuel filter is changed when the oil is changed. All of this filth is pushed to circulate back through the engine if your filter clogs.

Smooth, spotless oil gradually turns into grimy muck. The moving elements of your engine have to struggle through this sludge, making it work harder. Your car may lack torque and power. 

Additionally, your engine will consume more gas the more challenging it has to work. That implies you might spend more of your time and hard-earned money at the gas station.

A Warranty Voided Vehicle

The assurance provided by a warranty is one of the finest benefits of buying a new car. However, failing to maintain your automobile by manufacturer guidelines could void the warranty.

Oil professionals will ensure that your automobile is maintained using manufacturer-approved oil to keep your car running smoothly and preserve its warranty. If you ever need to present proof at the dealership, keeping thorough records of your maintenance history is best.

Complete Loss of Engine

If you ignore oil changes for a prolonged period of time, your automobile may eventually suffer. When you check your oil levels, you may encounter sludge-like motor oil stops absorbing heat from the engine. The engine could overheat and seize up or break a gasket.

A blown head gasket will force you to the side of the road with its pearly white exhaust. Depending on the age and worth of your car, fixing a blown head gasket may not be a wise investment. You can find yourself battling the hassle of the sales and financing staff at the dealership.

Your engine's components will deform if the heat doesn't break a gasket. Metal will grind against metal as the oil's lubricating properties are neutralized. Engine lockup is imminent. 

This cannot be fixed. It is simple to imagine what it costs to replace a seized engine at a repair shop. Once more, such a repair expense might place you well near needing a new vehicle.

Compared to arranging an oil change, all of these issues—voided warranties, subpar performance, lower fuel economy, and seized engines—are significantly more time and money-intensive.

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